If you can’t

be bothered to pick up your printed sheets from the printer it makes me wonder if you are too lazy to wash your hands after using the bathroom.


Facebook, Twitter, Texting and Work

I wonder how many millions is being lost by business owners because of employees messing around on Twitter and Facebook plus sending texts.


Pretty rad

Thain Wendell MacDowell

Thain Wendell MacDowell,VC, DSO (September 16, 1890 – March 27, 1960), was a Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

On 9 April 1917 at Vimy Ridge, France, Captain MacDowell, with the assistance of two runners (company orderlies, Pvts. James T. Kobus and Arthur James Hay, both of whom were awarded the DCM for their part) reached the German position ahead of his company. After destroying one machine-gun nest he chased the crew from another. MacDowell then spotted one German going into a tunnel. At the base of the tunnel, MacDowell was able to bluff the Germans to think he was part of a much larger force, resulting in the surrendering of two German officers and 75 German soldiers. He sent the prisoners up out the tunnel in groups of 12 so that Kebus and Hay could take them back to the Canadian line. Seeing that he had been fooled, a German prisoner grabbed a rifle and tried to shoot one of the runners. The German was then shot and killed.

Although wounded in the hand, MacDowell continued for five days to hold the position gained, in spite of heavy shellfire, until eventually relieved by his battalion. He was promoted to the rank of Major following his actions at Vimy Ridge. He later achieved the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel of the Frontenac Regiment from Napanee, Ontario.

Amazing story.


Sometimes I work later than everyone. I think this is mostly due to the fact I have to rely on others doing their job and passing that work my way. I also have deadlines. Something that other co-workers forget that I have to get everything done before that deadline. Yet they still pass stuff to me on or past the deadline. So therefore I must work late so everything gets done.

Anyways, it was one of those days. I was the only one left in the office work late. A co-worker left to home and then came all the way back to pick up something forgotten. They had the nerve to ask, “Is there a lot to do?”. I said yes of course.

What I should have said was, “Nah, I just like staying late because work is so much fun!”

Some inspiration

Robot Hands

Pretty dam fast.

Portion Size

When McDonald’s first started in 1955, its only hamburger weighed around 1.6 ounces; now, the largest hamburger patty weighs 8 ounces, an increase of 500 percent.

What the shuttle launch really sounds like

It gets a bit loud 🙂

Can’t add music to iTunes?

I had this issue myself and it worked!

To fix it I did the following steps:

1) Install foobar2000
2) Add your problematic files to a foobar playlist
3) Select the file(s) and right-click
4) Go to “Utilz>”
5) Select “Rebuild MP3 Stream”

Lord of the ants

Very interesting a bit long though

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