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So funny:


Selling iMac G3 512 MB ram, 40GB Hard Drive, Apple Keyboard and mouse. 400 mhz g3 prosecer (works like a 1.5 Ghz pc) only asking $175.00 Buyer must come to me in Roblin Manitoba. No shiping as I don’t have a strong enough box to put it in. Mac in perfect condition no scratches on Mac. Neaver abused.

Has a DVD/CD-ROM drive

Now I have used one of these before. They are NOT faster than a 1.5 Ghz PC and they are about almost decade old.
Who pays $175 for a 4-6 year old computer that uses a useless OS?


  1. Joe Dirk says:

    I will have you know that I have used this exact Mac and the guy said his friend put up that ad and purposely put that so he would not sell it. and he said it has Mac OS X 10.3.9 not the original Mac OS 9

  2. John Ukama says:

    I have seen and used this iMac no it doesent run like a 1.5 Ghz pc he told me that part of the ad is false his friend made this ad for him and he pursosely put that part so e couldnt sell it to him. His friend told me that himself, I’m not sating names but it does handle things not too bad. Also it isnt Mac OS 9 on that mac it is Mac OS 10.3.9 and it goes on the internet at a not to bad of a speed. I’m just putting my thoughts out here so please dont make nastey remakrs. Thank-You

  3. Around here I’ve seen those as cheap as $35 and as high as $100..

    I am so tired of Windows, I’d love to switch to a Mac or a Linux OS if I could use my same hardware (webcam, etc) and I’d miss some of my apps, games, etc.

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